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Stephen Connolly
A Cappella School

Taking singing to the next level

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IAS Workshops
Summer Courses

​Take advantage of Stephen's expert tuition and guidance


IAS Workshops

For over 30 years, in workshops, masterclasses and residences, Stephen has been passing on his experience, skills and expertise in the art of singing and performing, and continues to inspire choirs from across the globe.

Workshops and residencies of any length - from a day up to a week - are possible. Whatever the standard of your choir, you will feel the benefit of the time spent with Stephen thanks to his expertise in the a cappella world!


IAS Summer Courses

Since 2014, every year IAS has held its staple Summer Courses. Initially aimed exclusively at individuals, in the last couple of editions IAS has arranged a further week for small ensembles and vocal groups.


The main emphasis of the Summer Courses is on striving for the next level of choral excellence, and on creating a fun atmsophere, with international friendships and many warm memories created along the way.


IAS "From a Distance"

During the pandemic, Stephen caught up with some of the more famous singers from the a cappella world as well as with amateur vocal groups.


With this series of online chats, Stephen bridged over the physical distance of the lockdowns and showed that - no matter the level or the career stage - all his guests shared an incredible love for the art of a cappella singing.

David Bandelj,

Emil Komel Youth Choir

"Thanks for the advice and the enthusiasm to create music in our souls before we give it to the audience."

Ryan Stickney, USA

"This course has been the highlight of my life – you think I’m kidding – I’m not."


Lisa Driver, England

"Stephen, you've managed to bring together an extraordinary group of people and to fit in so much terrifyingly hard work, making it fun at the same time."

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We would love to hear from you, either for our Summer Courses or for a workshop with Stephen.

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