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Summer Courses
Ensemble Weeks

19th - 25th August

26th August - 1st September 2024


Following the huge success of the previous editions, we will be running two weeks reserved for ensembles that will have the amazing chance of six days of full immersion singing in dedicated sessions with Stephen on their own repertoire, ending with a great final concert in the beautiful settings of St Mary’s Church in Tetbury on Saturday 24th August (week 1) and Saturday 31st August (week 2).

The exclusivity of this course makes it a fantastic opportunity for each of the participating groups to work in depth on the various aspects of their performance.

The international make up of the course provides a further element of excitement and enrichment for each group, with the amazing opportunity to benefit not only from Stephen’s experience, skills and expertise but also to meet other singers who share their passion for a cappella and choral singing.

Each ensemble will work with Stephen on their own repertoire, with 2/3 sessions per day and will also have the possibility to attend the other groups’ working sessions, thereby fully rounding out their experience of the course.

Please notice that the IAS Ensemble Weeks are BY INVITATION ONLY

(details of fees etc. will all be given in the invitation letter - please notice that travel costs are not included).

However, if you would like Stephen to consider inviting your ensemble, please contact us (be prepared to provide examples of your performances, either on YouTube or via MP3 etc.).

Check out the vocal groups that came to the previous editions of IAS Ensemble Week

"Harmonics A Cappella", Exeter (UK)

"Vocoder", Hamburg (Germany)

"The Chitones", Chichester (UK)

"Vocalensemble Belcanto" (Austria)

"Fortissimo Four" (Netherlands)


Alexa Young, Germany

"A bunch of personalities in one house, having one passion - just great! This was one of the most amazing weeks I ever had, filled with music and interesting perople."

Bjorn Hovland, USA

"In addition to talking about things that no other conductor I've ever worked with has, you are slow to anger and you have an amazing sense of humour!"

Karl Martin Heissler, Germany

"Awesome, incredibly professional. Fantastic week, wonderful people. Enjoyed singing very very much. Wouldn't have missed it for anything else... Thanks so much."
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